B-15.巴布工程师 Bob the Builder—巴布工程师 Bob the Builder 儿童英文动画【中文版39集+央视版221集+英文原版20集】

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Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build! 系列 20集全
中文名: 巴布工程师 Ready, Steady, Build!系列
英文名: Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build!
资源格式: AVI (XVID,MP3)
版本:  TVRIP
发行日期: 2010年
资源大小:B-15.巴布工程师 Bob the Builder—巴布工程师 Bob the Builder 儿童英文动画【中文版39集+央视版221集+英文原版20集】
巴布工程师 Bob the Builder 儿童英文动画 Ready,Steady,Build系列 英音1642 作者:sky 帖子ID:1630



BOB THE BUILDER是英国BBC于1999年4月开始播出的卡通节目。这套卡通节目目前已经在世界上100多个国家播出,不仅在英国的学前教育节目评级中获得最高级别,也同时在日本德国及澳大利亚等国家受到好评。这套节目还曾经于2001年在美国打破收视记录。值得一提的是主题歌‘CAN WE FIX IT?’于2000年12月在英国流行歌曲排行榜上排在著名的‘风中蜡烛’之前。真可谓是大人孩子都喜欢的一首歌。

许多著名出版社发行了BOB THE BUILDER的书籍,著名玩具公司HASBRO特别为BOB THE BUILDER制造了主题玩具。截止到目前为止,在英国已经销售了5百万册BOB THE BUILDER的故事书及2百50万盘录像带。

巴布(BOB), 建筑师,是个大能人,什么都会修,建筑团队的灵魂人物。
思库(SCOOP), 挖土车。
罗迪(LOFTY), 吊车。
小蔡(TRAVIS),拖拉机... ...

巴布工程师 Bob the Builder 儿童英文动画 Ready,Steady,Build系列 英音6448 作者:sky 帖子ID:1630


Bob the Builder: Ready, Steady, Build!

Bob, Wendy, Spud and the Can Do Crew arrive in historical Fixham Harbour ready for a brand new set of building adventures. They make many discoveries, along with new team member Scratch.
In each episode, Bob and his gang help with renovations, construction, and repairs and with other projects as needed. The show emphasizes conflict resolution, co-operation, socialization and various learning skills. Bob's catchphrase is "Can we fix it?", to which the other characters respond with "Yes we can!".


Scratch's Hidden Treasures
1/20. It's Scratch's first day and he really wants to fit in with the team.

Scrambler's Best Idea
2/20. Scrambler is disappointed When Roley wins the Playtime Build Competition.

Scoop The Artist
3/20. After Scoop meets famous artist David Mockney he decides he wants to be an artist too.

High Tide For Lofty
4/20. Bob and the team rebuild the Old Pier, but Lofty is afraid to get close to the water.

Roley's Rovers
5/20. When the machines find an old football to play with, Wendy jokes that they need a mascot.

Start from Scratch
6/20. Scoop shows Scratch how to juggle-kick a football, and Bob is impressed.

Night Time Scratch
7/20. Scratch is excited about installing new floodlights at the football field.

Lofty and the Monster
8/20. Scoop, Dizzy and Scrambler are playing a game of monster chase.

Dizzy In Charge
9/20. When Bob is called away, he leaves Dizzy and Scratch to tidy up the builder's yard.

Lofty's Helpful Day
10/20. Lofty really wants to be helpful, but he ends up taking on so many jobs he gets confused.

Scoop's Sea Rescue
11/20. Scoop dreams of being a brave sea captain, and soon he has to make a real sea rescue.

Scratch's Star Turn
12/20. It is Fixham History Day and Dickie Olivier, the famous actor, is putting on a show.

Pineapple Scratch
13/20. Brad plans a party to celebrate the opening of his beach cafe but he's lost his conch.

Scrambler's Stage Surprise
14/20. After a storm damages the Fixham theatre, the team have to work fast to get it repaired.

Wendy's Birthday Surprise
15/20. When Wendy's birthday present falls into a well, Scoop realises he needs help.

Scratch Goes Solo
16/20. As the rest of the team help put up an old school bell, Scratch digs for Farmer Pickles.

Dizzy and the Wheelies
17/20. Dizzy causes chaos on the site when he tries to prove that he does the best wheelies.

Muck's Beach Tower
18/20. When the team go to the beach for a job, Muck gets excited about building a sandcastle.

Here Comes Muck
19/20. The team re-build the yard, starting with new garages for themselves.

Scrambler Gets Clean
20/20. Scrambler is scared of the new machine wash, but soon needs to face his fears.

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