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No matter where you enter Ralph's World, you can't help but want to fling the doors wide open: here, finally, is an artist who's made good on his promise to deliver kiddie songs that don't drive the big folks batty. The titular Ralph is Ralph Covert, a Chicago-based singer-songwriter with an animated, slightly Arlo Guthrie-ish voice and a knack for complete naturalness--not such a breeze when belting out songs whose lyrics call for ecstatic beep-beeping ("Drivin' in My Car") and choo-chooing ("Choo Choo Train"). That Covert is the debut artist on the just-launched Mini Fresh label, also based in Chicago, speaks volumes: the company is the kid's offshoot of Minty Fresh, the independent label responsible for bringing hip groups such as the Cardigans, Veruca Salt, Komeda, and Tahiti 80 to the grown-up masses. Ralph's World follows a similarly hip, "wow 'em with something different" formula. The pure pop of "All My Colors," made meaty by the inclusion of the mandolin, will find parents pumping the gas pedal on cross-town car trips; the hand jive of "Four Little Duckies" (featuring Dobro, banjo, and duck calls) defies anybody beyond drooling age to sit still. The folk-infused "Name Song," with its mandolin, fiddle, banjo, and an off-the-charts tempo, will leave you laughing, if your lips don't fall off first. For background vocals, "Ralph's World" relies on a rhythm-rich quartet known as the Kids, who supply the record its party-on vibe. This is a CD that leaves no listener behind, lacks pretension, and, most important, will lead jaded parents to believe that sharing quality music with their kids isn't a lost cause.

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Ralph's World - Ralph's World Peggy's Pie Parlor

Track lists
01 The Mighty Worm
02 Banana Seat Bike
03 Peggy's Pie Parlor Polka
04 Covered In Glue
05 Go Go Pogo
06 I Never See Maggie Alone
07 Tango Dancing Bear
08 All I Wanna Do Is Play
09 Cavemen!
10 Yon Yonson
11 Puppy Dog
12 Family Day
13 I'm My Own Grandpa
14 67 Cents of Heaven
Ralph's World - Green Gorilla Monster and Me

Track lists
01 Dance Around
02 Hideaway
03 Red Banana
04 Gitarzan
05 Me & My Invisible Friend
06 Old Red #7
07 River Flow
08 Liesl Echo
09 Monster
10 Tim the Boy
11 I Dont Wanna
12 Tower of Blocks
13 Yum! Yuk!
14 Swingset
Ralph's World: The Amazing Adventures of Kid Astro

Track lists
01 Kid Astro
02 Just Like the Monkeys
03 Fee Fi Fo Fum
04 Down In the Glen
05 Mr. Rabbit
06 Dumptruck
07 We Are Ants
08 The Tea Tale
09 Miss Molly Crackerjack
10 Who's the Winner_
11 Sucking Cider from a Straw
12 Playground
13 Old Man Dan
14 Sun In My Eyes
15 Treehouse Orchestra
Ralph's World - Songs 4 Happy Holidays - EP

Track lists
01 Santa Please
02 Have a Wonderful Holiday
03 The Sound of Holiday Bells
04 Twisting 'Round the Christmas Tree
Ralph's World - Ralph's World At the Bottom of the Sea

Track lists
01 At the Bottom of the Sea
02 Honey for the Bears
03 The Coffee Song
04 Surfin' In My Imagination
05 Harry's Haunted Halloween Circus
06 The Banana Splits (The Tra la la Song)
07 Eighteen Wheels On a Big Rig
08 Clean My Room
09 Itsy Bitsy Spider
10 Baseball Dreams
11 Sunny Day Rainy Day Anytime Band
12 Fly Me to the Moon
13 Baa-Baa Black Sheep
14 Malcolm McGillikitty
15 What Can You Do With Your Baby Brother
16 Bean Soup and Rice
17 Many Things to Know
Ralph's World - Ralph's World

Track lists
01 Freddy Bear the Teddy Bear
02 Choo-Choo Train
03 Ragtime Cowboy Joe
04 Seven Monkeys Up In a Tree
05 Animal Friends
06 Marching Medley
07 Winnie the Pooh _ The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
08 All My Colors
09 The Name Song
10 You Can't Roller Skate In a Buffalo Herd
11 Emily Miller
12 Take a Little Nap (The Disco Song)
13 Four Little Duckies
14 ABC's
15 Drivin' In My Car
16 Tickle a Tiger
17 Bedtime Girl
18 Now It's Time to Say Goodbye
Ralph's World - Welcome to Ralph's World

Track lists
01 Fee Fi Fo Fum
02 Puppy Dog
03 Dance Around
04 The Coffee Song
05 The Mighty Worm
06 Things That I Like
07 With a Friend (The Pooh Song)
08 Dinosaur Rumble
09 Peggy's Pie Parlor Polka
10 All I Want to Do Is Play (Original Version)
11 At the Bottom of the Sea
12 Animal Friends
13 Surfin' In My Imagination
14 Happy Lemons
15 Riding With No Hands
Bonus Music Video: 16 Animal Friends (M4V format)
Ralph's World - Ralph's World Happy Lemons

Track lists
01 Happy Lemons
02 Belly Button
03 Sammy the Dog
04 Things That I Like
05 Pony Boy
06 Say Hi to the Animals
07 Clean Up
08 Dinosaur Rumble
09 The Muffin Man
10 What's New Pussycat_
11 Barnyard Blues
12 Betty Botter
13 Boy Who Cried Wolf Sheepishly
14 Puddle of Mud
15 Riding With No Hands
Ralph's World - The Rhyming Circus (Bonus Track Version)

Track lists
01 The Rhyming Circus
02 Gotta Be Good
03 Edward, the Tap-Dancing Elephant
04 Polka Dot Shirt
05 Abby's Alphabet Soup
06 Do the Math
07 Rodeo Peg
08 Bad Bug Ball
09 Happy Not My Birthday
10 King of the Alphabet
11 Finger Is the Singer
12 Folsom Daycare Blues
13 Watch the World Go By
14 Blue Airplane (Bonus Track)
15 Bubblegum (Bonus Track)

04.Ralph's world 9张CD转MP3音频+部分歌词+1DVD视频
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